Picture of (10) .380 caliber blank-ammunition on white background.
.380 Brass Blank Ammunition Custom Load
close up picture showing primer of .380 caliber blank ammunition.
Infographic stating .380 caliber ammo is only for Blank Firing Replicas

.380 Brass Blank Ammunition Custom Load

  • Blank Ammunition

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In stock at 4017 Dean Martin Drive · Usually ready in 1 hour

In stock at 4017 Dean Martin Drive

.380 Brass Blank Ammunition Custom Load· Full Load with Smoke - Pack of 10

Available for pickup

4017 Dean Martin Drive

Usually ready in 1 hour

4017 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas NV 89103
United States


.380 Brass Blank Ammunition (For use in Blank Firing Revolvers ONLY)

Our brass .380 brass blank ammunition is designed for BLANK-FIRING REVOLVERS ONLY. This item is not designed for .380 automatic pistols. If you need .380 ACP for an automatic firearm, click here.

Choose from Full Load with Smoke, Half Load or Primer Only - depending on your needs. Full load is ideal for outdoor use. Half load is popular for indoor use. Primers are used in very small spaces.

Our Custom Load .380 cartridges may not be compatible with revolvers made by Pietta, Zoraki or Ekol. Customers using these models should use our .380 Full Load Smokeless Factory Loads.

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