Small Prop Fabrication 

Often even everyday items may be accessible but not usable for specific purposes on set. Do you need a guitar you can smash or a set of boomerangs made of foam? At Western Stage Props we can create replicas of everyday objects modified for your specific needs. We can also reproduce historical pieces, fabricate hard-to-find items, or bring an imaginary object to life. Our work can be seen on cruise ships, Broadway stages, and live productions all over the US.

Labels and Graphics

Whether it be a fictional branded product or a custom image our in-house design team can create custom graphics to complete your project and add realistic details necessary for production. Need a custom wine or beer label, how about a faux movie poster? Your ideas are our inspiration.

Set and Trade Show Booth Design

Bigger is always better. In Vegas making a statement counts. Western stage Props can make your projects a reality. From an armored car facade to a full courthouse for your film, we can build and fabricate just about anything. You dream it we design it.

Custom Loaded Blank Ammunition

We can custom-load your blank cartridge to include smoke or reduce noise loads. Please call for custom blanks.

Custom Braided Whips

From Indiana Jones to Zorro to Catwoman, we can make custom whips in any desired length, color, or style. We work in cow, kangaroo, or synthetic material in collaboration with extraordinary craftsmen who will design and braid the whip of your dreams.

Talent Sourcing

We have a vast network of stunt coordinators, choreographers, circus artists, and Western skill performers based in Las Vegas for your project.