Visiting our shop
K Kyle Petersen

Visiting our shop

Jan 4, 2024
Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Are you a Vegas local working on a film or theatrical project? Our showroom is located just minutes from the Strip. Visit us at 4017 Dean Martin Dr, just north of Hotel Rio Dr.

We've been serving the Las Vegas theatrical community for over three decades, and our friendly staff are here to assist you!

Our store contains several unique categories of products:

Modern theatrical: rubber tools and weapons, fake blood, prop movie money, special FX, and crime scene props.

Breakaway products: Glass bottles, flower vases, dinner plates, and more.

Non-firing prop guns: Foam, hard rubber, and realistic non-firing replica firearms with working action.

Blank-firing prop guns and blank ammo: Realistic blank-firing guns and blank ammunition for all real and replica firearms.

Old West and historical theatrical props: Railroad lanterns, western gun holsters, antiqued cowboy spurs, spitoons, prisoner shackles, and more.

Western performance props and equipment: Trick rope lassos, bullwhips, and trick riding accessories.

In addition to our retail products, we can rent many items, including replica firearms, prop movie money, rubber props, etc.

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