Propsville Junction: An Animal Melodrama
K Kyle Petersen

Propsville Junction: An Animal Melodrama

Jan 16, 2024

In early 2023, the Western Stage Props team wrote a serialized Western-style melodrama featuring some of our favorite props and our beloved pets. The melodrama was released in weekly installments to our email newsletter subscribers. We have posted all installments of Propsville Junction in this blogpost for everyone to enjoy!

The Inspector Comes to Town:


As he walked the dusty streets of Propsville Junction, Inspector Sprout overheard a group of townsfolk wildly spectating about a series of train robberies.

"Good day, folks," he said, wrinkling his nose. "I’m here to sniff out rumors of masked bandits. Have you seen any shady characters around these parts?"

Before he could finish his introduction, he was interrupted by a loud crash in the distance...

Lying in wait 


Just outside of Propsville, Boris and Morris had been patiently waiting for the Las Vegas Express. As the train roared around the bend the desperado pigs heaved a large stack of bricks on top of the tracks and ducked for cover.

The conductor rang his bell wildly, and slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. The wheels of the engine clipped the bricks. The heavy locomotive lost control crashing to a halt.

Boris snuck onto the caboose and scurried past the frazzled passengers to a large safe. He popped the lock and tossed gold bars out the window to Moris who shoved them into a sack.

The outlaws hurried past Inspector Sprout and ran off without a minute to spare...

Bank Robbery at Propsville?  We’re all Ears.


As the train wreckage was cleared, one of the crew members stumbled upon an empty safe labeled W.S.P. Savings and Loan.

Deputy Sheriff and chief banker Flipper Fairbanks was summoned to the scene. The deputy thumped her foot wildly, and folks gathered in to see what all the fuss was about.

“We’ve been robbed cried Fairbanks. “From the looks of it there had to be at least two culprits.”

The townspeople gasped at the news and eyed each other suspiciously.

"Fine folks of Propsville, rest assured,” decreed Fairbanks; “I’ve got Inspector Sprout hot on the case. I promise he’ll find these bandits and bring them to justice...

 Rodent Roundup

Doggedly pursuing the elusive bank robbers, Inspector Sprout followed the scent of the stolen loot to an abandoned mine near the outskirts of town. With a muzzle for mischief, he glanced down to see a pair of tiny guinea pigs holding a bag of gold right under his nose.


The inspector grabbed his trusty lasso and nabbed the mini marauders as they tried to make their getaway.

Now he had just one problem: how would he convince the people of Propsville Junction that these cuties were the wanted criminals?

Criminal Cavies Captured


As Deputy Sheriff Fairbanks sat at her desk waiting for a break in the bank robberies case, Inspector Sprout came roaring into town with a pair of shackled guinea pigs in tow.

Fairbanks wondered in amazement, “How could this be?”

“I’m as shocked as you Deputy,” replied the Inspector, “but upon investigation, I found over 300 gold bars hidden in the desert. Now that’s a lot of carrots”.


Elated, Filpper Fairbanks hopped down to the town square to announce the exciting news, "Citizens of Propsville, Thanks to Inspector Sprout, our city is safe again. 
I've sentenced these bandits to 6 months hard time, and though this punishment may seem light to you and me, remember that's over 26 years in guinea pig!"

Order was once again restored to Propsville and Morris and Boris went down as the cutest criminals in history.

We hope you've enjoyed Propsville Junction: An Animal Melodrama starring our pets, Sprout, Flipper, Boris, and Morrissey. Happy trails! 

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