Hollywood's Favorite Blank: 5-in-1
K Kyle Petersen

Hollywood's Favorite Blank: 5-in-1

Apr 25, 2024

Early movie makers faced a conundrum. With so many diverse firearms used in Western films, outfitting different calibers with blank ammo became a logistical nightmare. Popular revolver cartridges on set included the .44 magnum, .44-40, and .45 Long Colt. Many lever-action rifles were also popular on film sets, including the .38-40 and .44-40 Winchester.

Movie magic always requires a high level of ingenuity, and weapons masters on sets soon devised a solution: the 5-in-1 cartridge. This bottle-nosed brass-cased rimmed cartridge was designed to chamber in a variety of similar firearms, making it possible to arm an entire shootout with just one cartridge.

Over the years, slight modifications have been made to the casing, making the 5-in-1 suitable for use in .44 Special and .410 bore firearms. These blanks are still used in filmmaking and reenactments today. They are also popular for use in cowboy-mounted shooting events.

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